Top 6 Vitamins For Promoting Hair Growth

A lot of women desire to have beautiful, long and lustrous hair. Unfortunately, this wish seems almost unattainable for a good number of them. However, by incorporating a good hair care regimen along with specific types of vitamins, you should start to see some changes in your hair growth in just a few months. Here are some of the most essential vitamins for promoting hair growth.

Top 6 Vitamins For Promoting Hair Growth

MSM is arguably one of the best vitamins for promoting hair growth. Not only is it very important for healthy hair, but it’s also important for healthy muscles and joints as well. MSM’s main benefit is that it helps to decrease hair fall out. It does this by assisting in making the growth stage of the hair longer. The longer you are able to retain the root, the longer your hair will grow.

Nearly everyone recommends biotin as being one of the most essential vitamins for promoting hair growth. It is normally included in a wide range of hair, skin, nail and prenatal vitamins. Research studies have revealed that this vitamin is capable of strengthening hair, nails and making skin healthier, besides protecting the roots of your hair.

The B vitamins are basically a complex group of vitamins- there are so many of them- and it is important for you to get all of them. B vitamins can be obtained by eating foods that are rich in these vitamins, consuming a B vitamin complex or buying shampoos and conditioners containing them. As far as vitamins for promoting hair growth is concerned, vitamin B12 is the most important one. However, for more effective results, try including all of these B vitamins in your daily plan.

The benefits of vitamin C on the immune system and as an antioxidant are widely known. However, it is also among the most crucial vitamins to help with your hair growth. You may choose to use supplements and products that are infused with it while taking the necessary precaution to ensure that you are gaining adequate vitamin C on a daily basis for your hair to look at its best. Ensure to consume whole foods as they work best to deliver vitamin C to your body. On the other hand, if you feel like you aren’t gaining the right amount of these vitamins for promoting hair growth, you may want to consider consuming supplements.

Vitamin D is very critical for the cycling of the hair follicles especially for people living in areas with limited sunlight, such as the northern parts of the United States. There are numerous vitamin D supplements in the market today that you can use. However, beef liver, salmon, mushroom and grains are amazing alternatives sources of this important hair growth vitamin.

Lastly, silica rounds off the vitamins by adding luster and shine to the hair. It is also a very valuable antioxidant. It assists in a lot of other areas other than just helping your hair be soft and shiny.

In conclusion, when adding these vitamins for promoting hair growth into your daily regimen you should begin to see progress within a few months. You can also counter some common side affects like acne breakouts by drinking plenty of water!

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