We are an organization of Certified Good Hair Care Coaches and self-proclaimed Knottiologist.  We work to assist those who are transitioning or wanting to maintain their own naturally good hair.  After going through the experience of having to transition twice via growing out of a relaxer and then the big chop, CEO Meloney Washington found that training coupled with step by step guidance could be very beneficial for success. The path to naturally good hair is more than a journey, it is a wonderful lifestyle that starts with Head-to-toe care, embracing confidence and taking control of your natural beauty.



What sets us apart in this industry is that we are not overly focused on product promoting as we are on coaching in mastering the proper regimens and techniques for good hair upkeep.  Although we have overtime become natural hair advocates, we are not at all “Napturalista Natzi’s”.  As Former relaxed women ourselves, In addition to training those who want to transition, we offer very helpful information for our “Relaxed Sista’s” who desire to utilize natural products, services and techniques to maintain healthy hair.


We offer Good Hair Coaching: Buy the book!  This ultimate playbook for success “Natural Hair Care Step by Step Guide”  gives you: 15 customizable regimens , 10 customizable techniques, Various coaching Tips and tricks, and Notes specific for your type and texture.  Book a Virtual Visit for your individual hair care evaluation and assessment or learn the Game to Tame your Mane with a personal Coaching Session.  Group coaching and “hands on hair” educational Curl Power events by request.

For the individual who is looking to start a new career as a Natural Hair Care Specialist or for the Stylist who would like to enhance their current skills in the Hair care industry we offer natural hair care licensing and certification.


For more than 20 years Meloney has advanced in opportunities in the management, marketing and public relations arena. As a business service professional her primary focus was business and personal finance education. These opportunities allowed Meloney to acquire and retain successful business relationships with key people throughout the United States.

As a native Floridian who likes it hot hot hot (her florida sun that is), Meloney really enjoys encouraging and challenging people to realize their potential and become goal-oriented.

In 1998 Meloney made a bold vertical move when she decided to transition back to her natural roots. She was able to switch gears to become a promoter of natural hair, health and beauty. Now you may be wondering, how this professional woman was able to transform her impressive business background and outgoing personality to perform in this new industry?

Well Meloney’s strong moral integrity, good work ethics and positive sense of humor gives her the ability to excel in any arena. She has redirected her professional skills to create a successful business opportunity for herself and others while doing what she loves.

Meloney Washington, a great resource for your business, a valuable asset to your network and a wise connection for your smart phone or even your dumb phone.

“Laughter is the best medicine” is a philosophy she believes in wholeheartedly. Life is too short for people to be sooooo serious, she says “You must envision the lifestyle you want, have fun building it and even more fun living it!”

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