Natural Hair Care is NOT One  Size Fit All

Although numerous online communities for natural hair do exist, there is no substitute for personal hair care coaching from our industry experts.  For the price of a salon visit, you can avoid the pitfalls associated with the trial and errors of transitioning or managing your natural hair when you get a personal coaching session or group based coaching workshop. 

NOTE: For best results, Get Good Hair Coaching: Buy the Book! prior to booking a coaching session

3 ways to get coaching:

  • One on One
  • Mommy and me
  • Workshops & Boot camps

4 coaching sessions:

Sessions includes a personal hair care Evaluation and Assessment with recommendations and options specific for your hair type and texture

PRODUCTS FOR MAINTENANCE AND RETENTION – Get basic product knowledge to make choices about therapies and treatments that are designed to give you manageable healthy natural hair.  This session will include a personal product review, recommendations and options specifically for your individual hair type and texture.  

TAME YOUR MANE WITH REGIMENS & TECHNIQUES – Learn what regimens and techniques to use regularly to transition and/or maintain your hair to get the kinky, coiled or curly pattern you desire.  Get an evaluation that includes recommendations and options for your specific hair type and texture. 

PROTECTIVE STYLING FOR NATURAL HAIR  – Learn basic natural and protective hairstyles to wear for healthy hair maintenance.  This session will include an overview of personal styling with and without extensions, recommendations and options specifically for your individual hair type and texture.  

HEAD WRAPPING FOR STYLE AND PROTECTION  – Learn basic personal, business and after 5 head wraps looks. This session will give you a lesson in head wrapping, color and style recommendations with options specific for you.  You will also discover how to utilize head wrapping to benefit from your regimens, techniques, therapies and treatments.


Individual – 2 Sessions of your choice

Group Curl Friends Party – 1 session of your choice (book 20 plus in advance)


Not sure, No problem!  Schedule a discovery call to learn more