Easy Trendy African American Natural Hair Styles

There are many options to choose from when you are looking for the best African American natural hair styles to suit your personality, face shape, and time constraints. The styles range from the quick and easy wash and go to more intricate styles that require more time.

Before choosing one of the many hairstyles, you need to check whether it adapts to your personality and hair texture and also be mindful of the maintenance required of the style. There are several easy African American styles that last for a couple of days before having to re-wash.  This post will provide you with a few easy and trendy African American natural hair styles that will provide you with versatility and free up your time so that you’re not consumed with doing your hair.

Popular African American Natural Hair Styles


Some of the most common and easy hair styles include: the Afro, a cropped cut, box braids, the wash and go, bantu knots, flat twists, and the braid out, to name a few.

The Afro is probably the most popular among the many African American natural hair styles. This is because it requires low maintenance such that you can care for it with relative ease. The cropped cut is also another one of the popular African American natural hair styles. This natural hairstyle allows you to be diverse as you can play around with the longer part of your hair and look different every day.

Remember that it’s just hair!  Be creative when trying out different African American natural hair styles. Choose one that inspires you and brings out your personality and style.

Also be mindful that some African American natural hair styles might require more of your time than others. There are some styles that will require you to spend a lot of time practicing and checking yourself in the mirror. Despite this there is a sense of accomplishment that comes when you find the right style among the many African American natural hair styles that you can choose from.

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