How To Straighten Natural Hair


The awesome thing about natural hair is the variety of styling options it allows. This article will focus on how to straighten natural hair when you’re looking for the versatility that straight hair offers.


Before you venture to straighten natural hair, take into consideration which methods will work best for you in order to achieve a satisfactory result. The following tips shed some light on what you should do to straighten natural hair.


3 Tips To Straighten Natural Hair


Clean and moisturized hair – To have the best possible result, always start with clean and well-conditioned hair. Select a good moisturizing conditioner since you’ll likely be wearing your hair straightened for a few weeks, you’ll definitely not want to skip this step. If you have some extra time, consider a deep conditioning treatment or sit under the humidifier to give your curls some extra moisture.


Blow out – This is an optional step as air-drying is another option for naturals. Air-drying is a great alternative as the heat from the blow dryer and flat iron can cause heat damage and should be avoided where possible. If you choose the air-drying method, start with twists and allow them to dry as much as possible. After air drying for a while, you can blow dry on a low setting to get the hair straightened as the air drying may not get your hair as straight as a blow dryer. Otherwise, if you choose to blow dry your hair, make sure you apply a heat protectant and then dry one section at a time on a low setting.


Flat iron – It is also advisable that you choose a hair straightener with ceramic plates. Ceramic flat irons are considered to be better for the hair as it heats hair evenly, penetrates quickly and in a fraction of the time. Choose a moderate heat setting and determine if one or two pass through are necessary to get your hair to the desired straightness.


Some choose chemical straightening methods like a relaxer or keratin treatment. However these methods are permanent. The great thing about natural hair is the versatility you can have by going back and forth between being natural or having straightened hair. Whichever method choose, you should be able to straighten natural hair with the aforementioned steps.

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