How To Grow Black Hair To Be Long And Healthy

How To Grow Black Hair To Be Long And Healthy

Some will challenge the fact that African American hair can grow to great lengths especially due to its tendency to be dry and curly. However there are some strategies such as proper styling routine that you can use to make hair grow longer and faster. Below are strategies on how to grow black hair.



How To Grow Black Hair – 4 Easy Steps


Step 1 – Keep your hair moisturized

This is the most important tip on how to grow black hair that’s long, strong and beautiful.

Because of the curly nature of African American hair, oil has difficulty traveling from the roots to the ends. If the ends of the hair are dry, thus causing them to break, you’re unable to retain length. To avoid breakage of the hair’s ends, it’s important that you keep the hair well moisturized, ensuring that your ends receive the same amount of moisture as your roots.

To keep your hair moisturized, use conditioners every time you wash your hair. Ideally you should use moisture rich conditioners that contain oils, humectants, and other moisturizing ingredients.

For best results use conditioner regularly, applying the conditioner to your hair according to the package instructions and then rinse.

Throughout the week, make sure your hair continues to stay well moisturized, by applying oil or even a thick butter to really lock in moisture.

Be mindful that your hair isn’t rubbing against your clothes causing your ends to become dry. When possible (especially while sleeping) tuck your hair ends to guard against friction.


Step 2 – Take vitamins

Vitamins feed hair follicles with nutrients and thus help to boost hair growth. There are many vitamins available over the counter for oral consumption. Biotin is one of them, it is considered to be the best vitamin to boost hair growth. It works by renewing hair cells thus allowing the hair to grow faster and longer. It is available in health food stores and online retailers.

Vitamin B6 is another vitamin helpful for hair growth. It uses the principal that too much testosterone released to the hair follicles makes the hair thin and also slows its growth. Vitamin B6 does a number of things in the body that will help with the overall health of the hair, ranging from boosting the immune system to aiding in the formation of red blood cells.


Step 3 – Eat healthy

Another very overlooked principle for how to grow black hair is diet. Research has found that a healthy diet also aids in hair growth. You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat!” Well this is certainly the case when it comes to how to grow black hair that is not only long but also healthy.

There are certain foods that help to increase hair growth and nourish both hair strands and the scalp. These foods include avocados, salmon and pumpkin seeds. These three contain protein and omega 3 fatty acids that help strengthen hair follicles. Spinach, yogurt and eggs also help to enrich the strands of your hair while blueberries help reduce hair breakage. A combination of the above foods, along with other fruits, vegetables and water, will lead to hair growth.

Step 4 – Avoid chemicals

The chemicals contained in hair dye and relaxers are a major cause of hair damage. Thus not applying chemicals (where possible) is a must if you are exploring how to grow black hair. These chemicals tend to be drying and without proper maintenance result in breakage and hair thinning.

While it is possible to grow long hair with dyes and relaxers as a part of the equation, be mindful that the above three steps are still needed to ensure that you retain as much length as possible.

If you were asking yourself the question, how to grow black hair, you need not to struggle any more as above are the tips to help you grow long and strong African American hair.

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