Foods That Promote Hair Growth

A lot of us struggle with hair growth not realizing that strategically eating foods that promote hair growth can greatly help. Below are a number of foods that will help you to grow long, healthy, and shiny hair.

8 Foods That Promote Hair Growth


Salmon is a type of fish that contains a lot of hair growth supporters, for example vitamin D and proteins. Salmon also contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps keep the scalp healthy hence increased hair growth.

Yellow peppers. 

Yellow peppers contain a lot of vitamin C, which help in hair growth as compared to oranges. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and strengthens hair follicles and hair shafts and also prevents hair breakage.


Lack of zinc in the body greatly leads to poor hair growth. Oysters are loaded with lots of zinc, which leads to increased hair growth.


Eggs contain omega 3s and biotin, which is used as a supplement by a lot of people who want to enhance hair growth. The yolk part of the egg is very useful in the hair growth plan. Too much of the egg white prevents the absorption of biotin hence poor hair growth.

Sunflower seeds. 

Vitamin E is another important vitamin that helps in hair growth. The vitamin is greatly supplied by eating sunflower seeds. It enhances blood flow in the scalp hence increasing hair growth.

Sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A that enhances a healthy scalp and faster hair growth. It is advisable to choose foods containing beta-carotene as opposed to using supplements containing carotene.


Avocados contain a lot of fatty acids which are naturally found in the skin and which greatly help the health of the scalp. Mix a little avocado with sour cream and apply it to your hair for about ten minutes before washing it.


Almond nuts contain high levels of biotin which helps your hair grow faster and thicker. A cup of almonds contains almost a third of what you require daily. Add almonds in your food for about three months and you will witness a lot of improvement in your hair growth.

If you begin to incorporate the 8 foods that promote hair growth in your weekly diet, you should begin to see results. Know that hair growth is not an overnight process and it may take several months before you benefit from the foods that promote hair growth. Be patient and use good hair practices! The combination of a healthy diet and good hair practices should be beneficial and you should see positive results.

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