Becoming A Big Chop Natural What to Expect


The big chop natural journey can be a very different experience especially if you’ve had a perm for a number of years. Once you cut off all of your relaxed hair you will be introduced to a texture that you might be unfamiliar with. Instead of being overwhelmed by the new texture take this as an opportunity to learn about your natural hair.


No website or video can prepare you for how you are going to feel after your big chop because it’s a very different experience for each person. Some go into the big chop thinking that they are prepared and then are shocked when they look into the mirror and not only see a different texture but also a short hairstyle. There are others who are extremely exhilarated after becoming a big chop natural. Luckily, this article will share a few things to consider before and after becoming a big chop natural.


Before Becoming A Big Chop Natural


Are you debating on whether or not you should do your own big chop? Go with your gut feeling. Many big chop naturals do it themselves. Some of us are pretty good with scissors while some of us aren’t.


Just make sure the person who does your big chop is someone that you trust. This is important for numerous reasons. The first being that this can be a very emotional experience and depending on how long you’ve allowed your hair to grow out prior to your big chop, it can be a very shocking to see your hair as a short natural. Having a stylist that you can trust and also one that is supportive of your decision will go a long way in helping you to adjust to your hair.


If you decide to cut your own hair, do it in stages. Maybe cut off one or two inches at a time and then check the mirror. Remember once it’s gone it’s gone! By doing it in increments of one or two inches you can ensure that you haven’t cut off more than you intended.


When reading the experiences of others (including natural hair gurus), remember that everyone has their own texture of hair.  What works for one person’s texture may not work for yours. If hair typing is important to you, learn your type; try researching how people with the same hair texture care for their hair. If hair typing is not important to you, then try out different products and techniques until you discover things that work well for your hair.


After Becoming A Big Chop Natural


Post big chop, you will have tons of emotions and you aren’t alone. Many big chop naturals have mixed emotions after cutting their hair. There are the societal pressures of having natural hair. Then there is the fact that our friends and family have not seen us in this manner. Both of these can be intimidating when stepping out for the first time after becoming a big chop natural.


You will have many thoughts. You may miss the length that your relaxed hair gave you. You may feel that you’re not as attractive with short or natural hair or people may make comments. Remember these are all to be expected. However, also remember that as a big chop natural you’re only going to be in this phase for a short period of time. Eventually your hair will grow and things will be back to normal.


Remember that your hair now has extreme versatility that your once permed hair couldn’t offer. Your hair will eventually grow. You’ll eventually get used to the texture. You will also grow to love your natural hair. Surround yourself with others within the natural hair community who have already experienced the big chop and the process will be much easier for you.


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