A Brief Guide to Afro Hair Care

Are you newly natural? Have you recently big chopped and are now sporting a TWA (teeny weeny afro)? Or have you been natural for a while and looking for afro hair care tips? This article will provide the best afro hair care techniques that will keep your hair free from breakage and dryness. Learn the best maintenance techniques and product suggestions for your afro.

Simple Afro Hair Care Tips

Black hair is typically characterized by wiry spring like strands. Sebum secreted from the scalp often does not reach the ends. Because of this it is often advised to avoid the over manipulation of the hair, including the afro, in order to prevent breakage. However, with proper maintenance you can enjoy this style without worry while maintaining your hair’s moisture content.

Picks and wide tooth combs are optimal tools for afro hair care. Conversely, brushes and fine toothcombs aggravate the strands by encouraging breakage of our curly strands. Depending on the technique you choose to achieve your afro style (i.e. a blowout or comb out), we strongly advise that you be gentle and take time and care to perfect your afro.

To prevent breakage, a nighttime regimen can be followed that may include securing the hair into a ponytail, braiding hair into sections or wrapping the hair with a scarf. Moreover, sleeping on a pillowcase made of satin can help in minimizing friction that typically occurs when using a cotton pillowcase.

The Best Products – Afro Hair Care


Products that contain alcohol and other drying ingredients such as hairsprays and gels should be avoided for the best afro hair care. Also products that contain petroleum and mineral oil should be avoided too because they encourage blockage of the pores. Products that contain drying agents will strip the hair of moisture.

Hair care specialists recommend the use of hydrating shampoos, as well as deep penetrating moisturizers and leave-in conditioners. Some of the other products that work well are sunflower oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients. It is imperative when looking for hair products, that you choose products with natural ingredients for the optimal maintenance of your afro.

How often you wash your hair is dependent on your regimen. Always make sure your scalp is clean and your hair is well moisturized. If at any time you find that the over manipulation of the afro style is causing breakage and/or dryness, it might be time to re-evaluate your technique and or products. If you follow these tips for proper afro hair care you should see minimal breakage and have nicely moisturized hair.

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