My Hair Story

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My Hair Story

I didn’t choose this natural hair path as a business; it kind of found its way back to me.  Back in 1998, while working as a financial service agent, I was blessed to meet Joyce C. Mitchell, previous owner of Anako-Nappy Beauty Salon in St. Petersburg Florida. This salon specialized in the care and upkeep of Sista Locs.  Joyce had a passion for natural hair, and the encouragement she gave for cultural awareness opened the door for me to embrace my natural beauty.  Joyce left us in 2006 and although I never knew her personally outside of this industry, I will forever be grateful to her for introducing me to my HAIRstorical roots.

In my pursuit of nappiness, one of the first things I discovered is that the TRUTH about having naturally good hair is literally NO LYE! I was already braiding my own hair, and working part time braiding and wrapping hair for others.  When my daughter and I decided that we would go natural and convert to wearing the sister locs, we discovered something truly amazing. Our BEAUTIFUL NATURAL HAIR TEXTURE!  Once it had all grown in, we fell in love with it and decided to keep it just the way it was.

After a while, my daughter and I wanted to be able to wear our curls out and have more style options. I took some really bad advice, went to a professional salon and had them put a texturizer in our hair, thinking that it would allow our hair to be more manageable for styling.  Boy was I wrong!  To make that long story short, a couple of months later, my hair became damaged to the point where I was losing my beautiful long locs in patches.  There was nothing left for me to do but cut it off and start all over again.

Fast forward a year later, and my locs were coming back longer and stronger in just that short time.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went by.  I branched out, and started to assist more women in wearing natural styles and transitioning.  I found that there were lots of others out there who were attempting to transition without good results: women were giving up early in the game due to their frustration.  While assisting these women in their transitioning, and seeing some great success from the one-on-one coaching I was offering, I wanted to help even more.

Now, armed with the experience of having transitioned twice, once via growing out my relaxer and the second time around having to do the BIG Chop, I began to research ways to develop my hair maintenance skills: I really studied the natural hair, and became a “self-proclaimed professional knottiologist”.  As a Licensed Natural Hair Specialist I decided to provide hands on training and motivation in education setting for would-be natural hair stylist and more women to have good hair success.

Like others, initially it was very difficult to transition and then maintain my own natural hair, but through trial and error I learned to properly care for my hair, and eventually experienced healthy hair growth.  Oh how I wish I had known back then, when I was transitioning, what I know now about it all.  It was with that thought; the idea of Good Hair Coaching was born.

What sets this company apart in this industry is that the programs offered are not overly focused on product pushing. Our programs are designed to teach you to choose the proper products, learn regimens and master techniques for good hair upkeep.

Although, I have over time become a natural hair advocate, this good hair coach is not at all a “Napturalista Nazi”.  As a former relaxed women myself, in addition to training those who want to transition, I am qualified to offer very helpful information for my “Relaxed Sistas” and those who desire to use natural hair care products, services and protective hair style maintenance techniques to maintain and grow healthy hair.

Now, you won’t learn any ancient hidden Chinese secrets, but you will discover some good ole fashioned, long forgotten back to basics techniques, skills, recipes and grandma’s tricks and tips with a new school twist.

For all the Naturals out there, I started Good Hair Coaching LLC because like a lot of you, I had to struggle to transition and once I transitioned completely, there came the issues with the upkeep for my own natural hair.

I also jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else who was trying every product out there, which only led me to wearing weaves and wigs, because I had no idea what else to do. Finally, I even went to the licensed cosmetologist, who were proficient in their work, but did not specialize in the care and maintenance of my natural curls.

After having to transition twice, once via growing out my relaxer and then the second time around the BIG chop, I decided to take those hard lessons that I learned from my experience and create the ultimate “how to” coaching environment that I wished was available back when I needed it.

An environment that focuses on providing personal consulting, resources and knowledge you need to enjoy your journey. Finally! You can get into this natural hair game and endure to the end because now you have Good Hair Coaching to help you win!